Kayak Launching
Kayak Launching

Launch a kayak in water is not a difficult task to do as long as you know what type of situation you are dealing with.

Well, we have decided to discuss some methods so as to clear some things about the proper launching of a kayak.

Let’s jump right into them.

There are two things that you must consider before launching a kayak. These two factors are whether you are going to launch a kayak from the land or you want to launch a kayak from the water.

We will be discussing methods to launch a kayak in both situations so that you can get a clear idea about these methods.

Launching a Kayak in Water

Launch A kayakYou can launch a kayak by two different methods from the land. One method is a regular launch method which doesn’t require any prior knowledge.

The other method is wet-footing launch. This method means that you directly put your kayak in water before any contact on the land.

It method is perfect if you are going to kayak on rocky beaches. This method is also helpful from the aspect that you don’t have to drag the kayak from land which can cause damage

There are some factors that you must consider before you go on for kayaking. You should make sure that you are able to put everything necessary in the kayak that you are going to use in near future.

Make sure that you add up lightweight things and not the heavy things as it will increase the weight of the kayak and you will not be able to put it into the water.

Also, try to practice this method for almost 2 to 3 times so that you will launch the kayak in water in the best possible way.

Launching Kayak from Land

Many people find this method a lot easier and many of them find it complex but in our opinion, it is a simple method when it is done with proper advise.

We will advise you to use only dry lands such as sandy beaches for launching a kayak from the land. Make sure that you pull the kayak out so that the bow is able to move.

In this way, you won’t have to drag the kayak for a longer period of time on the sand before it gets into the water.

Keep the important and necessary kayaking gear in the boat before you launch the kayak in land and try not to pick heavy cargo.

Try to remember that launching a kayak by this method can get a lot more dangerous and difficult on an area where there are a lot of waves. We are not saying that it is completely impossible to launch a kayak in high surf area but it will get nasty for some beginners.

So, better avoid this situation. Try to find a beach that has got fewer waves and is sheltered in order to launch your kayak from the land without any worries.

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