Is it difficult to find a suitable kayak for fishing?

Should you buy cheap fishing kayak or an expensive one? A paddle fishing kayak is better or a paddle power? I know all these questions are roaming in your mind for quite a long time.
Don’t worry, you just stepped into the right place. Read till the end and I am pretty sure you will find a perfect fishing kayak after you finish reading.

Well, I know this form of kayaking has never been into the trend, but if you have never been to fish kayaking before it could be a very wonderful experience for you. The problem is, people are confused and they don’t know how to choose a perfect fishing kayak for themselves. As there are lots of things to be considered, people want to buy a kayak that perfectly fits the situation of fish kayaking.

I have come up with some rules that you have to consider before buying a fishing kayak. keeping these points in mind will definitely help you buy a fishing kayak that best suits your demands and desires. So let’s proceed!

Rules For Choosing a Fishing Kayak?

Things to consider before buying a fishing kayak

1. Kayak Type

A fishing kayak is way less expensive than a powerboat, but if you opt for the advanced models they can get pricey. The cost can go even up to 3,000. You might know that there are two types of kayaks used; sit inside and sit on top. Sit inside kayaks are not a good option for fishing. But Why?

There are many reasons; the water will remain inside for as long as all the water is eliminated. They are very difficult to flip back if once flipped, and has very limited space storage space.

On the other hand, sit on top kayak offers much more convenience, the water can be easily drained and wiped out of the scupper hole in the bottom. It features an open design that gives us larger storage space. We can easily access all of our accessories.

So if you want to go fishing with your friends or relatives for fishing, going for a sit-on-top model would be a better idea. Furthermore, some tandems can even be configured accordingly, you can increase and decrease the number of seats in your kayak as well.

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2. Body TypeYou might be thinking why is this important?

Considering the body type of your kayak for fishing plays a vital role. It would be better if you attend a kayak demo and paddle for some time to determine the fishing kayak that is the most comfortable. After taking a demo ride, you will have a clear idea about the seat adjustments, legroom adjustments.

Choose a kayak which you can kayak for hours without getting tired.  Some kayaks are very lavish and excellent in performance, but they lack that seat adjustment comfort zone, and that’s why it becomes very difficult for people to go out in the water for a long time.

3. Stability

Stability is another important factor to consider before choosing a fishing kayak. If your kayak lacks stability, it may ruin all of your fish kayaking adventure. When we are out for fishing, we twist and turn the ship a lot, and that’s why stability becomes very important if you want to make your sea trip a memorable one.

If you wish to do fish kayaking while standing, avoid a V-shaped hull since it easily tips, rather look for a kayak with a flat bottom. Your kayak should have a width of 76 centimeters or more than that, but no less.

Long kayaks are very slow as they have a long neck which can’t be easily moved. On the contrary, short kayaks are perfect for fish kayaking. You can easily move them around and enjoy your kayaking at full peak. So go for a kayak with the right width and hull that offers maximum stability.

4. Transportability

The more features a kayak has, the heavier it gets. Ask yourself where you will move your kayak, do you go for kayaking nearer to your place or the sea is far away. If you will travel far for kayaking it is better to buy a lighter kayak. Also if you are thinking to carry your kayak on the top of your car’s roof, then it should weigh enough to fit well. You should keep all these safety measures before buying a kayak.

5. Your first kayak should be a used kayak

You won’t understand the science of kayaking until you go for fish kayaking. That’s why it is better to buy a used one. Buying a used kayak not only makes us a skilled kayaker, but it also helps us determine what we like and dislike in a kayak. You can have all of this fish kayaking experience without spending much money. You can buy a used kayak from the local dealers as well as from online platforms. There are plenty of used kayaks to choose from. Once you master the art of fish kayaking, it can be easily replaced with a new one.

6. Rigging

Rigging is something that makes a fishing kayak different from the normal kayaks. Fishing kayaks nowadays come with angular version and rigging design, so it becomes very convenient for the people to attach accessories to their kayaks. There is also the stock version which allows you to add your own rigging. Stock versions are less expensive than rigged angular kayaks, you can not only add your own accessories to your fishing kayak but it is also relatively cheaper.

In my opinion, it is better to start with the stock version. In this way, you can easily add things that you need with the passage of time. You can start with simple rod holders, a paddle leash, milk crate, dry bag, personal floatation device. Anything else can be easily added later according to your needs and requirements.

7. Anchor or Drift

It would be a big advantage for your fish kayaking if you use a traditional or electronic anchoring system. Its makes a huge difference when you are out for fishing in open water. It works well even in backwaters when you might want to anchor up to catch fish.

But let me tell you one thing, these things add weight to your kayak and can make it heavier, which results in slow speeding. If you really feel like anchoring for fish, then you should go for it. As far as anchoring is concerned, there are plenty of anchoring methods available on the internet to guide you in the best possible way.

8. Color

Whether it is a U-shaped or V-shaped kayak, choosing the right color is also important. People are normally confused about the right color. They have questions in their minds like which safety color should they choose, what kayak color can be seen best at sunset and sunrise, and what is the best color for fishing that fish can’t see, if you also have these questions in your mind, you will find your answers in the paragraphs below.

First of all, bright colors are great when it comes to choosing the right safety color for your kayak. Colors like orange and yellow are a good option as these colors really stand out especially when there is low light in the sky such as dawn and dusk. Secondly, Some fishermen think that a kayak with the color of sand color is the best if you want to have luck with you all the time. However, you can also choose custom colors that seem attractive and elegant to your eyes.

Here are some extra tips for you before your first fishing kayak endeavor.

1. Take a paddling class

Taking a proper class before kayaking to learn paddling techniques, kayak handing and dealing with difficult situations may have an excellent impact on your confidence in paddling. Taking such classes will encourage you to experience all the fun and enjoyment of your kayaking.

2.Practice self-rescue techniques

You can practice self-rescue techniques along with other kayakers to learn how to keep your self safe in case of any misadventure. It will add a lot of confidence in your kayaking experience and teach you how to make your fishing trip safe and secure.

3.Hire a kayak fishing guide before your first serious fishing trip

If you can afford a guide, it would be of great help. A kayak fishing professional can teach you better than anyone around. You will not only learn about the fish kayaking but also will be able to cope with all sort of difficult situations.


I hope these golden rules help you pick up a wonderful fishing kayak. These things are given after a thorough study and research on kayaking. Everyone who keeps these points in mind before purchasing a kayak finds it easier buying a fishing kayak. You can also get recommendations from your friends or a trusted kayak dealer as well. Plus, you can use these rules as the outlines for your conversations to discuss everything related to fish kayaking. Enjoy!