I still remember those old days when the best inflatable kayak we could have was something made of simple material and design. It was both cheap and poor in its looks. All we could do was keep paddling with all of our energies to explore the beaches and mountains around.

But gone are the days when we had those grotesque kayaks. Thanks to modern technology, we are now capable of making kayaks that are made of high-quality materials and provide us with maximum durability.

How modern Kayaks are better?

Well, that’s a valid question one may ask before buying a kayak. The modern kayaks lead the race in many aspects; they have less weight and packing size. You don’t need to worry about carrying a heavy boat anymore, you can even carry it inside your backpack. Incredible!

Be it fishing or going to a multi-day expedition, these kayaks have the capability to give us maximum productivity and convenience.

But how do we choose a perfect kayak? There is plenty of kayak manufacturers who claim to be the best among the rest. In such a situation, it becomes quite difficult to make the best decision.

I am here to assist you, I conducted a thorough search and found out seven best inflatable kayaks that really stand out. But before we go, there are some important things you should keep in mind. What are these important things? Let’s have a look!

List of 7 Best Inflatable Kayaks

1. Advanced Elements Inflatable Kayak

Best Inflatable Kayak
Best Inflatable Kayak

If you are looking for an inflatable kayak that always tops the list of best kayaks and meets all the standards, this exquisite Advanced Elements Expedition Kayak is a good option for you.

Want to know more about its technical features?

Let me take you straight there.

Technical Features:

One of the amazing thing about this kayak is that it’s fast-tracking, and the reason is that it uses built-in aluminum ribs which provides exceptional performance. The stern and bow are designed in a way to improve your tracking.

The major problem that many people have is the puncture resistance, and that is why it comes with three-layer material that can bear any kind of situation. Moreover, it provides a feeling of comfort during paddling, you can easily paddle your kayak for hours without any hurdles.

As I said earlier, the standard size for a kayak should be at least 14ft, it comes with a 15 ft length, thus provides a high level of stability. Be it fast wind or harsh weather conditions, it never fears and moves you safely.

Why people love it?

It weights round about 52 pounds, thus allowing you to easily unfold and inflate your kayak. If we talk about the interior design; it has a wonderful thick shell, which makes it sturdy and solid. If you are a person who loves going to lakes every weekend, you will love it. It is extremely easy to inflate and deflate. Fine paddlers make sure that it moves fast and smooth.

Bottom Line:

Unlike other kayak boats, it is well made and has a unique look. I have seen many boats around having extraordinary features but has a very cheap look. Well, in case of this kayak, you can proudly go for any expeditions with your friends and relatives.

  • Easy to inflate and deflate
  • Easy to Transport
  • Extraordinary tracking ability
  • Balanced
  • Well made
  • Relatively Heavy

2. Intex Challenger K2 Kayak

Best Inflatable Kayak
Best Inflatable Kayak

If you are looking for a kayak with no skidding problem and perfect controls, then this one is a good option.

Interested? Okay, let’s have a little more knowledge about it folks.

Technical Features

With high-output inflation and deflation pump, it features wonderful capabilities. One thing that I would like to tell you first about this Intex Challenger is its paddles, it uses two 86 inch aluminum paddles. Therefore, it is very easy to drive your kayak fast no matter what the conditions are.

This amazing kayak proves itself a worth buy for someone who is always looking for portability. It easily fits in your trunk, you can easily drive it to the lake. It takes a storage space that is less than any other kayak around. You will feel very easy to carry it around wherever you go.

It is specially designed to give you maximum fun and uses a streamlined design to make the paddling easy for you. Furthermore, it is beautiful and vibrant and can be easily seen in the water. It not only provides resistance to puncture but also UV damage-resistant. You don’t need to worry about the quality of your Kayak.

What’s special?

Most of the kayaks are difficult to drain, but not this one. You can easily wipe out all the water within seconds. But the special things about this kayaks are paddles and seats. They are way better than you might think and great for the price. Just two to three minutes and it blows quickly.

  • Repair Patch-Kit
  • High Capacity Pump
  • UV damage-resistant
  • Affordable
  • Perfect for a single person

Bottom line:

There are many things that make it stand out. It provides good control and is extremely portable. If we compare it with other kayaks, it appears to be light-weight and easy to carry. Great for the price it has!

3. Sevylor Big Basin 3

Best Inflatable Kayak
Best Inflatable Kayak

Have been looking for a bigger one? If Yes, then Sevylor Big Basin will put an end to your quest. Now, you can easily take your friends and relatives on your water expeditions.
Let’s discover some more features!

Technical Features:

Made of heavy-duty PVC construction, it is a wonderful stable kayak that is finely built and has a nice design. It is so stable that it feels like traditional hard shell kayak. With its two directional strakes, the kayak always remains in stable shape even if you are going out on an expedition alone.

One of the main problem that everyone face is that these things get punctured very easily. But Sevylor comes with a wonderful solution. It minimizes the risk of puncture by using tarpaulin bottom. It makes your kayak durable and gives extra protection.

It can easily handle two people within it, but can also manage three people as well. But, I would recommend to take in two adults and one child. It remains very stable even when it is filled with people.

It features an Airtight system, which stops any kind of leakage that one might face. Furthermore, it is very easy to inflate and deflate it as it uses a double threaded valve. If you want to take someone with you on your journey, you can adjust the seat as well. Thus, giving you maximum convenience.

  • It can easily fit three people
  • Uses Airtight System
  • Uses Multiple air chambers to stay inflated
  • Tarpaulin bottom for durability
  • No clear instructions about how to store it.

Bottom Line:

Buy this one if you are looking for a 3-person kayak. It is well-constructed and has an elegant shape. It will always prove itself durable no matter what the conditions are. It has lots of extra things; straps, handles, and pockets. It is nice, light-weight and a perfect option.

4. Sea Eagle SE370

Best Inflatable Kayak
Best Inflatable Kayak

Looking for another economical kayak?

Here you go! Sea Eagle is there to help you. It is a solid and well-made boat that has the ability to match all of your kayaking requirements. Let’s know something more out of it.

Technical Features:

Featuring a seating capacity of 3 people, it is a wonderful kayak to be used for more than one person. You would be surprised to hear about its weights, which is only 26lbs. It is more of a canoe than a kayak, and the reason is its high center of gravity. You can easily control it whatever the conditions are.

It has two excellent paddles, two easily inflatable and removable seats. To give you maximum convenience, it comes with a foot pump and a carry bag. If you carry many things during expeditions, this boat provides a big storage bag for all parts and accessories.

Is Sea Eagle worth?

One of the most vital advantages of this Sea Eagle kayak is the availability of open and close drain valve. You can easily fill it and wipe out all the water from your kayak. To make it perfect for tracking, it has two skegs on the bottom, thus making it more efficient than the standard kayak around. With all these qualities, it is arguably the most resourceful kayak among other types of kayaks.

  • Can be used both as a single-person and tandem boat
  • Perfect handling
  • Risk tolerance capability
  • Well built and versatile
  • Fine Material that is resistant to Sun and Saltwater.
  • No inflation gauge for the floor

Bottom Line:

So, a Sea Eagle kayak performs much better than any two-seater kayak. Furthermore, it is enjoyable and rugged. This is something that makes it best because we purchase a kayak for fun and enjoyment after all. Seems wonderful? Then go for it and enjoy your life!

5. Sevylor Quikpak K5

Best Inflatable Kayak
Best Inflatable Kayak

If we talk about a company that has been consistently coming up with modern, new and better kayaks all the time, then it is no other than Sevylor.

This new one called Sevylor Quikpak comes with remarkable features and utterly is a wonderful package at an affordable price. Having this kayak will surely help you fulfill all of your kayaking dreams that you ever had.

Technical Features:

This amazing kayak is designed especially for a single person. You can easily set it up within five minutes and boom, you are on the water. It is very much easy to carry, you will be surprised when you will carry it around. It also uses a backup system that turns into a seat at the time of need.

What’s more?

There is no need to worry about the construction material of this kayak, it uses a 24-gauge PVC construction that is rugged and best for lake use. Thanks to Tarpaulin bottom and polyester cover, that provides never-ending durability and protection for punctures.

The kayak also has a multiple air chamber that allows another chamber to stay inflated if one of the chambers gets punctured. Making it very special because only a few kayaks have such abilities.

Bottom Line:

One should go for it if he/she is looking for a kayak with highly responsive maneuvering. You can take many things along with this exquisite kayak. It is not only easy to carry but also provides a faster movement in the water. These are the qualities that make it the best kayak in an affordable price range.

  • Great design and perfect for apartment dwellers.
  • Assembles and inflates very quickly.
  • Comes in a perfect size.
  • Easy to pack
  • Easy to dry
  • A little problematic in tracking

6. Advanced Elements Attack Whitewater

Best Inflatable Kayak
Best Inflatable Kayak

Advanced Elements Attack is another durable and sturdy thing when it comes to kayaks. It provides immense value against the money and proves itself a worth buy.

With a sleek and wonderful design, it features self-bailing ports and 12 inches bow that gives maximum convenience. The Tarpaulin hull makes sure to give a stable center of gravity during your lake and river expeditions. And this is the reason why it is so famous among people.

It provides a very user-friendly control system and remains stable all the time. If you are looking for a kayak that is well-engineered and easily inflatable, then this one is definitely for you. Furthermore, in order to protect itself from any type of misadventures, it uses double layer PVC bladders. So, it rarely gets punctured or gets out of order.

Very stable and a very well-engineered inflatable kayak. I would definitely recommend buying this kayak. Stern deck covered cargo allows the user to add or reduce things anytime. This leads to a perfect journey every time you go to the sea or a lake. It has 12 inches of rocker, avoids hitting with rocks and other things.

Why should I go for it?

Once you get it, the setup is very simple. It is very easy to fill the chambers, without taking much of your time. Moreover, it is an excellent construction material. All the material used in the construction of this Advanced Element is sturdy and solid. The coating seems to be tough for years of use.

  • Advance Features
  • Tracks well
  • Hardshell and advanced shell
  • Amazingly Stable
  • Relatively Expensive

Bottom Line:

You should buy this wonderful kayak if you love buying kayaks with amazing features. Though it is a bit expensive from the other kayaks around, when you will use it, you will realize the fact that it was worth the price. You will never regret buying such a solid-built kayak once you use it.

7. Driftsun Voyager

Well, this one is the last one in our list of best kayaks for you. But I am sure Drifsun Voyager is something that has been praised for as long as it has been in the run.

Let’s advance towards its technical and salient features.

Technical Features:

Despite the fact that it seems a bit heavier than other kayaks described above, it inflates so quickly that it takes only five minutes. So, if you are looking for a fast kayak along with a double action hand pump, this one is very difficult to resist. These unique features make it the best among all the other famous kayaks nowadays.

Another attractive feature is the superior performance. If you don’t already know about its excellent performance, I’ll tell you. Whether it is calm or choppy water, it gives excellent performance. Besides the maximum performance, the removable deep fin facilitates responsive tracking and speed.

You can easily go from your garage to trunk and then to water in a very little time. Thus giving you a fast service than any other kayaking boat. It measures only 26 inches in length and 8 inches in width and fits wonderfully into your carry bag. It is so light-weight that even you can control it single-handed without any trouble, weighing only 27 lbs.

  • It pumps up very easily
  • Fast and easy to control
  • Inflates quickly
  • Only 27 pounds in weight
  • Uses the best Air pump
  • Can’t carry more than three people.

Bottom Line:

If we have to sum up this kayak in a few lines then there are its two prime qualities. It sets up quickly and paddles nicely. It is extremely easy to handle and provides durability for a long time. Also, the seats are great and well-built. It facilitates faster and uniform driving.


A kayak is something that we all might need once in our lives, it makes our lives vibrant and gives us the ability to explore nature in a much better way. It proves itself a wonderful tool for people who love going to rivers, lakes, and seas. With numerous modern features and time-saving capabilities, buying a comfortable kayak isn’t a tough job anymore.

So, if you also decide to get your hands on these wonderful boats, there are many variants in the markets. Some are really worthy for the price while others more than the price mentioned. You definitely need a reliable guide to solve your confusion about how to choose a perfect kayak.

We carried out a proper search and analysis and made sure that the kayaks mentioned above are best in performance, cost-effective and has excellent user feedback. Now it’s up to you to decide a kayak that best suits your requirements and demands. We hope this article helped you make the right decision.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Best Inflatable Kayaks


The first thing that comes to our mind before we buy anything is probably the price. Your budget plays a vital role when choosing an inflatable kayak. Different models and manufacturers have different pricing schemes, but you should choose a model that is both affordable and decent.


The second important thing to consider is the usage of your kayak. Ask yourself how you are going to use it. Is it going to be used for fishing, sea kayaking or whitewater paddling? Do you need a single or double kayak? These things may seem of little importance, but it is highly recommended to decide the usage of your kayak first.


Well, if you need a durable and reliable kayak, knowing about the material is a must thing.

The inflatable kayaks are made up of three types of materials;


PVC kayaks are made of polyester or nylon. They are good at bearing tear resistance. But they don’t provide resistance to high temperature and chemicals such as Hypalon etc. So, if you need a cheap, durable and easily patched kayak then you should go for it, otherwise, you can consider the other options.


Most of the manufacturers nowadays use Hypalon for exterior coating of the kayaks. And the reason is its high durability. It can cope with any sort of situations and can even resist UV rays. But keep in mind that Hypalon kayaks are the most expensive kayaks.


Some boat manufacturers have stopped making PVC kayaks and use Nitrylon instead. The reason is obvious, nitrylon is more eco-friendly and stronger than PVC. The only downside is that it is heavier than PVC.


Although these modern kayaks are lightweight, in some conditions it is important to consider this factor. If you need a lighter model then it normally weighs around 7kg. A fully deflated kayak normally weighs 13 kg. Always choose a kayak that you can easily carry.


Most of the kayaks come with a length of 14 feet(4 meters ). If the length increases, there are chances of it flipping over in the water, So, choose a kayak that cannot be turned over in the water.


Storage depends upon the number of things you want to carry with you. If you need a kayak that carries lots of things, then considering canoe-type kayak would be a good idea. If you need a kayak just for your own, you can go for a sit-inside kayak, which is highly portable and handy.

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