As a beginner, finding the best fishing rod for beginners tends to involve a high-risk factor to acquire them without prior guidance of the pro anglers, or else it would turn into a nightmare.

But wait… That is not going to happen anymore — There are plenty of resources available on the internet that are so ready to help you lock on the best from the market without ever visiting the physical ONE and asking for the professionals to guide you along how and which one to pick.

The beginner fishing rod is still a myth to own because no one down here has EVER come up with the precise definition to state what qualifies the fishing rod to fall under the beginner fishing rod category.

So, we are all up and ready to reveal some best of the features to delve under to keep the whole process further simplified to get a lock on the BEST beginner’s fishing rod to buy it off with confidence.

Let’s follow us to get revealed with the great fishing rods that suit the beginners to get into the water just like a good angler.

List of the Best Fishing Rod for Beginners — Updated Picks for 2021!

1- Ugly Stik GX2

Recognized and recommended to be consumed by anglers of all skill levels, Ugly Stik GX2 does a beautiful job of delivering the fishing experience commonly felt by the pro anglers to fish with the best of their ability.

Longing to 6’6″ which rates it as a ‘Medium Heavy’ type of the fishing rod best-used by the beginners to catch the various kinds of catches with the adequate weight attached to your hand where the total and ultralightweight rods could give a headache to manage it with the catch at hook without getting slipped and felt odd.

But still being rated as the ‘Medium Heavy’ does not mean it is all the way heavier at use as it got itself made with the graphite and fiberglass that do not let it to gain weight as well as ensure the durability and the sensitivity to last longer than the many fishing rods available in the market.

Comes with the lightweight-rated EVA grips, and the ClearTip design adds to the increased responsiveness and the strength to steer and control the catches the way you desire and feel the adequate comfort to enjoy the lengthy fishing outings without causing any strains to your muscles.

Best suited to catch up to the fish sizing from 6 lbs to 15 lbs to bring a tasty meal served on the plate to enjoy at your next bite.

  • Best for the ladies angler
  • Rated for Medium Heavy fishing rod
  • ClearTip design having the comfortable EVA grips
  • Nibbles a bit in the windy condition

2- KastKing BlackHawk II

Telescopic-styled fishing rod, and you would be surprised this particular brand has not left covering the fishing rod industry as well.

And we have been talking about KastKing, the brand known for producing unmatched and qualitative fishing gears pushed into the market to win the best trust of its customers.

KastKing Blackhawk II, the kind of the exclusive fishing red crafted solely for the beginners, is pretty equipped with the soloscopic performing technology and integrates the exclusive KastKing KastFlex Toray 24-ton carbon matrix black and owning the solid glass tip section to ensure you do not question its durability, performance, and the sensitivity to degrade down even for a second.

Designed exclusively in a one-piece but is achievable to transform into six-pieces of telescopic rod loaded with the floating line guides to improvise the casting performance while regaining the increased consistency and the smoothened taper to eliminate all the flat or the dead spots entirely out of the blank.

And the snug-fit ferrules come to provide the full-length power which transits while allowing the rod to perform that wholly makes you believe handling the one-piece rod converts the energy to be felt by your grip.

Loaded with the high-quality component to complete the construction using the stainless-steel line guides having the graphite reel seats and backed by the comfortable EVA handles to wholly enjoy the KastKing BlackHawk II telescopic-styled rod to out the many available with owning around the same features.

It requires assembly but takes just a few minutes to get it assembled without much of the issues where a person knowing nothing about the fishing rod assembly would be able to put it up together in no time.

  • Solid glass tip with the floating guide
  • Telescopic design
  • Guides could have a hard time aligning them.

3- KastKing Perigee II

Two-pieces of the fishing rod, it comes right from the lovable and entrusting brand with the name of KastKing Perigee II that got the brilliant blank crafted with the fantastic quality of carbon fiber along with Toray 24-ton matrix of outstanding KastKing-exclusive KastFlex technology to back the blank with the increased power, accuracy, and the strength that is hard to avail out of many fishing rods circulating around the market.

Comes with the medium and the classic 7’6″ of rod size, that is slightly massive in the extent to handle it in but wait, why the beginners to hand on the fishing road hat is massively smaller in the size that does seem to give a hunch of catching the more massive catch with all of the ease.

Wrapped with the world’s renowned Fuji O-Ring line guides that do not let the line to steer away despite the pressure and manages to keep the line straight as much as possible and the tuned ergonomic graphite reel seats that resembles to provide the highest of strength along with the high-density of EVA grips as well as Saf-T Keeper hook holder to release and manage all the pressure without pushing the fishing rod too much to keep the catch inline.

And having made the blanks with beautifully-finished carbon fiber keeps the things super lightweight and the outer cosmetics to fall in love the moment it comes into the eye’s contact.

Turns out to become the baitcasting rod to the spinning one who comes to provide enough speed, responsiveness, and the power to call off the moderate fights with the catches on ease to have them turn exhausted in moments to pull out of the water.

  • Loaded with Fuji O-Ring line guides
  • Blanks made of the carbon fiber finish
  • Not as crisp in quality

4- Plusinno HA3000

Fully equipped with the best features the outclass fishing rods do contain, this fresh and saltwater-rated Plusinno HA3000 has many of the freebies included against the single price where you do not ought to purchase anything to take it along on the fishing trips the moment it arrives at your location.

Includes the bag with the fishing line and the lure and hooks and the necessary stuff induced into the package, which does not really strain over the price and includes the reel along with the fishing rod, which makes the perfect combination to have under one price.

Lengthier to 2.1 meters OR 6.89 feet, this perfectly-elastic containing the high-density carbon fiber coupled with the fiberglass transforms the fishing pole to become stiff and durable.

It also includes the hoodied reel seat made with stainless steel, which rates it as anti-seawater corrosion and has been equipped with the EVA ForeGrip that provides enough enhanced comfort.

Having the telescopic fishing rod makes it perfectly portable, and the closed-length design, along with convenient carrying all around you, goes without feeling any weight attached to your hands.

Whereas the reel placed over the fishing rod comes with the spool being made of the deep aluminum while having the dual-colored and holding the single line hole to make the shorter body along with the larger spool while retaining the larger line capacity to cast longer to retrieve the catches with convenience.

  • Rated for salt and freshwater
  • Includes the complete kit against the bargaining price
  • Handles from the reel could go loose.

5- Sougayilang

Combo of the fishing reel and the rod along with other core components added into the delivery, Sougayilang comes with everything required to get on the shore to start casting the line without having to buy anything off the market.

Having the rod made of the exclusive high-density carbon fiber being mixed with the fiberglass that transforms the fishing pole to build with enough hardened as well as durable to withstand the extreme pressure evoked at the time of hooking the catch.

Whereas the hard and the lightweight guided ring is made with the SIC ceramic that dissipates the heat better than ever, the line is always rubbing at the time of casting, and retrieving the line along with the catch would emit unbearable heat during the operation.

The guided ring makes it more reliable and durable. It comes with laminating the advanced epoxy resin adhesive to solder in the guided rings that naturally resemble being welded.

And the reel, the combo of this fishing rod, comes with the smoothened ball bearing ranging to the count of 13 + 1 and backed with the corrosion-resistance while having the powerful gearing ratio of 5.5:1 the perform without any issues.

Comes with an interchangeable handle that goes from left to right and makes with the CNC-machined aluminum handle with the brilliant aluminum spool, which makes it perform without getting stuck or jammed.

Backed with a one-year warranty against the service relieves your mind of the worries to entangle with what could get done when winding up the line and hooking the heavier catch that makes it one hell of an experience to go through with.

  • An impressive finish and the colored telescopic fishing rod
  • Stuffed with a variety of items part of the kit
  • Would not let you catch the bigger and massive catches

6- Zebco 33

Another combo in the line, Zebco 33, equips with the reel attached and the fishing rod that goes into the beginners’ hands equally with the convenience.

Starting with the fishing reel bearing the gearing ratio of around 3.6:1 along with the ball bearing drive and equipped with the quick-set anti-reverse system to make sure the line does not back down into the water despite the catch trying to take up every bit of the desire to get unhooked.

Made with the super-lightweight material known for its durability and longevity, the graphite frame equips the best and unbending quality to outperform many in the world.

And having the metal-backed handle and the rubber knobs give the perfectly smooth experience to navigate the reel and the rod the way you want and desire.

Comes loaded with an interchangeable handle that moves from right to left, accommodating the different hand-oriented anglers without having them buy two reels and the fishing rod for the same cause.

Known best for the medium-action, this 6′ of 2-pieced Z-Glass rod having the EVA handle has the sturdy construction to make the longer casting and quick and comfortable retrieval reliably.

  • Includes the spincast reel along with the fishing rod
  • 6 feet in the length
  • Pink colored
  • No bait alert embossed with the reel installed on the rod.

7- Plusinno

Another fishing rod that we got for the ultimate beginners to fish like a real pro, Plusinno, offers the telescopic rod that goes into kids’ hands to the adults despite their fishing skill level.

This package from Plusinno comes to offer the fishing reel and the fishing rod so that you do not have to buy an external reel, which may give you a tough time getting adjusted and fit over the rod (yes, not all the reels would suit all the rods.)

Made the hooded reel seats with a stainless steel wrapped with the anti-seater corrosion material and the EVA ForeGrip to handle the fishing rod with enough comfortability to just forget about what time it has been you have the line lower into the water as nothing would turn you exhausted.

Telescopic-make that turns the design into the immense portable feature which allows you to take it anywhere you go with the whole fishing rod lowered to as minimum size as possible that can get it fit into the carrying box or your luggage bag without any problem and regain its total height right before casting the line into the water AND the moment you are ready for commencing with the fishing session of the day! 🙂

  • Hooded reel seats
  • Anti-seawater corrosion for the longevity
  • Drag sometimes sticks

8- Shakespeare Alpha

Broken down into two pieces (well, not literally), but that represents the combo of the fishing rod and the loading of baitcasting reel that brings the joy of combo under one price.

But that is not just the core of the reason to have your mind prepared to purchase the Shakespeare Alpha combo while it has the sleek and most-used features that you can expect out of the high-end fishing rods to exceed in the performance.

Known for its best low profile fishing experience, it offers outstanding performance, being valued at the budget-friendly price to beat the many out of the competition straight the line.

Being pre-spooled makes this ultra-lightweight reel made of the absolute graphite material wrapped with over 8 pounds of the line that does not add much to the weight.

And employed with the multi-stoppage and anti-reverse having the ball bearings to deliver the increased smooth performance never to experience getting stuck in the middle of casting the line or making the retrieval.

The blank made of the tubular glass delivers the perfect responsiveness feel along with the rugged durability to have it in your hands for an extended time without feeling strains on the muscles where you would be forced to put it off after a while.

  • Loaded with a baitcasting reel
  • Having 8 pounds of line
  • Only for low-profile fishing

9- Plusinno

And here we come up again with the fishing rod from Plusinno, but that does not make it entitled to be consumed by the pro anglers for sure.

Well, that is exclusively and entirely crafted for the kids to take it up over the water to fish like a pro.

Having included all the essential and required components, it comes designed with the telescoping rod, making it a perfect build for the increased portability to enjoy like having a full-fledged fishing rod.

Also includes a fishing line, spincast reel, fishing tackle, and the travel bag along with the fishing rod to take it along wherever you go while conversing a lot of space to put it in between the car trunk for easy transport.

Best crafted for the beginners to try fishing from an early age, this Plusinno kids-only fishing rod, along with the reel, takes the experience level to advance and reach up to the advanced and later to PRO to get called as the one finest angler of the history.

This 120cm AND 47.24″ long is best suited by the kids aging between 3 to 10 years to be fishing with the added safety and perfection.

  • Best for the kids
  • Enough lightweight construction
  • Freeze the reel button quite awhile


Another perfect fishing rod with the combo of fishing reel seating comes right from ODDSPRO that has it rated for the kid-anglers to learn to get earned with the remarkable experience of fishing like a kid knowing every tit and bit of it.

Valued against the fair price, it does not only bring the fishing rod and the reel but includes the complete kit comprising of crankbaits, floating bobbers, jig heads, swivels, snickers, softened lures as well as the carrying bag to keep all of them together in one place so that they just do not get lost during the transportation.

Formed into the telescopic design, ODDSPRO sizes to around 1.5m OR good 4.92ft makes it the perfect fit to go into the hands of the small kids aging between 3 to 10 years.

It does not tangle between the casting and retrieval even though the hook does not contain a catch as the weight associated with it would deform the tangles to happen to help you cast straight and achieve the lengthier casting distance one’s expectation.

Combined with the soft EVA and the plastic, the lightweight combination adds to the kids’ convenience to play with it for a longer duration, and having the EVA handle does not let them drop it after a few minutes allowing it to enjoy casting and fishing for an extended time.

  • EVA handles with the plastic to keep it, extra lightweight
  • Suited for the kids to start their fishing experience just like a pro
  • Not as smooth

Conclusion of the best fishing rod for beginners

Okay, here we conclude our extensive research by bringing over the top 10 of the best fishing rod for beginners.

Why beginners? They are the ones who can indeed face the ordeal to learn through the art of fishing on their own, and the flexibility coupled with the durability is what they require the most.

Having them handed with the hard and tough fishing rods would entirely kill the fun as the stiffness is what they would be claiming all the time.

So, own one that suits you well (we got kids-oriented as well), and thank us, of course! 🙂